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Click the button below to check out various articles on ACPR and basic care of your fur buddy.  This is an online document.  These articles were written by LuAnn Morgan and printed in Othello’s Sun Tribune.

We Need Your Help

If you’ve noticed we haven’t been posting much lately and that’s due to us falling into a bummed out place right now.

  • Our adoption for large dogs has pretty much stopped, other shelters don’t appear to be transferring from in state right now and things at the shelter just keep falling apart.
  • Our industrial dishwasher that helps keep our puppies and kittens dishes clean broke and it cost almost $2000 to fix because we live in the middle of nowhere and Friday close to closing something broke again in it and filled the building with burnt air.
  • Then our drain stopped working in purple pod and it’s been over a week and it’s still not fixed. We are crossing our paws that the cement won’t have to be taken out. It’s so hard to clean the pod without a working drain.
  • Two of the tires on our vehicle that goes over the pass to the westside had to be replaced because one was bald and wouldn’t make another trip. The same vehicle’s air conditioning died last week and in order to transport and keep the cats from overheating we had to quickly get it fixed.
  • Lets see what else, purple pod is still torn apart and we would love to see if put back together but not sure when that might get done.
  • The big air unit to move air around and keep things fresh has stopped twice in the last month requiring service.
  • The vacuum gave it’s last gasping breath and died.
  • We are out of dog food and using food from our dog food bank.
  • The end of Covid seems to be on the horizon and we are getting dogs back. Everyone hoped it wouldn’t be the case but it’s happening, they are getting returned.
To be blunt, we could use donations of any sort, monetary or otherwise.
Thank you for any kind of support you can give. Even positive words help a lot. Our Amazon wish list: https://a.co/66wVFYA
Thanks to listening to us vent!
Dog and Cat looking a a plate of Hamburgers

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