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Thanks to everyone who participated in our contest

Bruno - First Place winner of our Calendar Contest

This was Bruno, aka Boo. Boo was a mix of 18 different breeds according to his DNA test. Boo loved life and would go everywhere with me. He was 3rd generation, grew up with his brother and sister by his side, until 3 years ago. Boo worked at the Youth Empowerment Shelter, a  homeless youth shelter for the last 6 years, comforting kids. In January, even though he still played like a puppy, during a routine surgery they found mast cell cancer. It was a very aggressive form. With chemo, he was doing great until the last day of May. Boo crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 6/15/22, less than a month shy of his 14th birthday. He touched a lot of lives and was loved  by so many people. 

Second Place - Hudson Wyatt & Skyrah

 Hudson our chocolate lab is a rescue dog who arrived with a broken leg.  We call him our heart healer.   Hudson’s now living his best life and brings so much joy to everyone he meets.    Favorite thing to do…go anywhere in the car and he loves to “snuggle”. Wyatt my mom’s yellow lab is a therapy dog.  He visits nursing homes and brings joy to others.  Favorite toy is his frisbee. Skyrah my black lab is the survivor of dog collar strangulation and we now advocate for dog collar safety after losing her best friend Ryder.  She is the best birthday gift I’ve ever received.  She’s full of joy, love and loves her grandma.  Favorite toy her hedgehog.  Three labs – living their best lives and loved beyond measure.

Third Place - Mochi

Mochi is a Shih Tzu mix who gained his name from his super sweet personality. 

He is about 1.5 years old and with severe isolation anxiety, likely at least partly due, to being abandoned at around 10 months of age. He has made a lot of progress in 6 months, but it is still a big struggle for him.

Mochi loves his toys and tennis balls, especially this little hedgehog he picked out at the store. It is his absolute favorite.

Sometimes I just walk into a room and am struck by just how cute he is. That is how this picture occurred. 

I often wonder about the life Mochi had before we met. What caused such a sweetheart so much trauma and to be on his own? Sadly, I’ll never know.  But we continue to work together every day to help him become the healthy,  confident and relaxed pup he deserves.
What I do know for sure…this little rescue is safe, happy, and definitely loved.


And the First Place winner is:

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Dog and Cat looking a a plate of Hamburgers