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We Need Volunteers...


Volunteering for ACPR can be incredibly rewarding and there are all types of things that need to be done! It takes several people to ensure the success of an animal shelter, which ultimately leads to animals finding their forever homes. Click here to complete the volunteer application.


Become a Foster Parent - sometimes animals come in with special needs and require a little extra care or just a calmer environment while they wait for their forever home. It takes a special person to be a Foster Parent - is that you?


Volunteer at the Shelter - do you like walking dogs or combing cats? Maybe you don't mind doing a bit of laundry or loading the dishwasher. Thoughtful volunteers are needed to support our cleaning staff and help make the animal's stay as comfortable as possible.


Social Media - do you like to blog? Do you love Facebook? Then maybe you could help us out with an occasional post or write an article about a special event? Aspiring writer and animal lover? Wait no longer!


Adoption Counselor - do you mind asking the tough questions? Are you detail oriented and passionate about matching the right animal with the right person? We could use your help posting animals for adoption, processing adoption applications, doing pet/family meetings, etc...


Special Events Support - we plan on having several events in the upcoming year and we need a crack team to help make them a success. If you love people and enjoy coordinating, we would love your help.


Humane Education - do you enjoy public speaking to people of all ages? Do you have a flair for presentations? We are looking for individuals that would be interested in helping us develop our humane education and outreach program.


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