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Donna Reichert’s love of dogs is far-reaching


August 13, 2019 at 8:56 pm | Submitted by LUANN MORGAN Adams County Pet Rescue


Treva Reichert/courtesy photo Ozzie is Donna Reichert’s daughter Renee’s dog. She lives in Kent and adopted the dog from Adams County Pet Rescue last summer.


OTHELLO – There are cat people and dog people — although some like both. For Donna Reichert of Othello, cats are OK, but dogs are the best.


With two of her own and those of family and friends, Reichert has plenty of dogs around to brag about. And her love of them all means she is always ready to tell people to go to Adams County Pet Rescue if they are looking for a new pet.


“Pet Rescue is not a puppy mill,” Reichert said. “These are good dogs.”


Reichert’s first project to raise money to help the shelter began about eight years ago.


“On my 70th birthday, I set up a money tree,” she said. “We raised $700 for Pet Rescue.”


After that, it was a natural progression to get the family business involved.


Reichert and her husband Bob are owners of Reichert’s Showhouse, the movie theater in Othello. Whenever the employees clean, any money they find in the seats goes into a bag. Once it reaches $40, the Showhouse matches it and it goes to Pet Rescue. The business also runs a free advertisement on the big screen for the shelter.


Two of Reichert’s children have adopted boxers from the shelter.


As for Reichert herself, she is well known in the community. Not only is she often seen working at the Showhouse, she taught music for 32 years, 20 in Basin City. She then worked as a substitute teacher in Othello for 15 years. And she plays piano at Pilgrim Lutheran Church and directs the children’s choir at the annual Christmas cantata.


Currently, she is running for a position with Adams County Hospital District No. 3 in November.


It is easy to adopt a new pet at ACPR. An online application is available on the website.


But there are other ways to help the shelter. A lot of volunteers are relied on to help with fostering, doing work around the shelter, processing applications, social media posts, special events and more.


“My intent is to eventually go over and walk dogs,” Reichert said. “I mainly show my support by always talking to people about it. These animals need good homes.”


You can also donate money through the website, which is used for operational costs, such as food, vaccines, vet costs, spaying or neutering, equipment, utility bills, etc.


“Please donate,” Reichert said. “They are in desperate need.”


Adams County Pet Rescue is located at 1961 Bench Rd. near the fairgrounds. Hours are noon to 6 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The facility is closed Mondays and Thursdays for cleaning.


To contact ACPR, call 509-488-5514 or email adopt@AdamsCountyPetRescue. Be sure to visit the website at www.adamscountypetrescue.com and like their Facebook page.

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