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We Need Your Support!

We rely on cash donations to continue helping the animals in our region.  Please consider making a donation today.



Your donations are tax deductible.

At the end of the year, you will receive an annual statement of your donations, with the required IRS language.


TAX ID 91-1829881


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You can also write a check to:

Adams County Pet Rescue

And mail it to:

1961 W Bench Rd

Othello, WA 99344

Make a Monthly Donation

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  1. The Monthly Subscription button is located in the green box.
  2. Select desired monthly donation amount
  3. Click on “Subscribe”
  4. At this time you will be taken to the PayPal donation page.  At the bottom of that page you will find two options:

       a.  To make monthly donations using a debit or credit card:

       b.  Make monthly donations directly through your PayPal account.

How to Make a Monthly



Make a one time donation

If you would like to help to feed our animals for a week, please press the donate button below to make a donation of $500.We will take care of the logistics of ordering the food we need.

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