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Pet shelters rely on donations


December 17, 2019 at 5:00 am | By LuAnn Morgan Adams County Pet Rescue


Adams County Pet Rescue/courtesy photo Isabella Pruneda shows off Velocity, a stray that came in to the Adams County Pet Rescue shelter a few months ago. She was on her way to Washington State University to be spayed when they discovered she was pregnant. After her seven puppies were born, she went back to WSU and is now ready for a new forever home. ‘She’s a little shy, but she has a good heart,’ Pruneda said.


As with any nonprofit organization, Adams County Pet Rescue is continually in need of cash donations. Isabella Pruneda, staff member at the shelter, said it helps toward necessities, such as utilities and the mortgage on the building.


“The big one is vet bills,” she said.


But there are a variety of items the shelter also needs to keep going that many may not be aware of.


Food: ACPR can use donations of both wet and dry foods for cats and dogs, especially kitten food and puppy formula. Treats are welcome, too. And don’t forget the dishes. For dogs, they prefer metal and ceramic for the cats.


Toys: All animals love to play. The shelter appreciates stuffed toys, chew toys and cat toys.


Crates: If you have a crate you don’t need anymore – and it is in good condition – bring it to ACPR rather than throw it away.


Accessories: Leashes are always a handy item at the shelter and Pruneda said they are using a lot more harnesses rather than collars. Sweaters are also needed for the cold winter weather.


Cleaning supplies: One thing that is especially important at any shelter is that the premises be clean so both animals and crew stay healthy. ACPR welcomes donations of Pine Sol, Clorox bleach, garbage bags, industrial scrub brushes, metal pooper scoopers and medical and food grade gloves.


Office supplies: Paper clips, staples, notecards, sticky notes, paper, pens, sharpies, duct and masking tape, zip ties … the list goes on and on. They also use a large number of carabiners.


Pruneda said these are items most people don’t normally think about, but many have extras in their homes that could be donated to the shelter rather than thrown out.


Personal time: On top of the actual items needed to run the shelter, volunteer labor is a huge necessity. For example, staff can always use help with laundry, dishes, cleaning cages, etc.


“Cleaning is not fun, but it needs to be done,” Pruneda said.


She said one person has been coming out to help with dishes and laundry and will soon begin working directly with the animals. And there are two elderly women who show up when they can to fold laundry.


“Anyone can help,” Pruneda said.


They also need help walking the dogs and socializing the animals in their care. That way, they don’t get too attached to the staff, which makes them more difficult to adopt.


Volunteers can come out by themselves if they are 15 years of age or older.


“If under 15, they need a parent or older volunteer here with them,” Pruneda said. “We’re not babysitters.”


With the season of giving upon us, the staff at ACPR asks that the four-legged friends not be forgotten. However, they also said it’s important to let others know about the shelter’s needs.


“One of the best ways to help is to spread the word,” Pruneda said.


Adams County Pet Rescue is located at 1961 Bench Rd. east of the fairgrounds. Hours are noon to 6 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The facility is closed Mondays and Thursdays for cleaning. To contact ACPR, call (509) 488-5514 or email adopt@AdamsCountyPetRescue. Be sure to visit the website at www.adamscountypetrescue.com and like their Facebook page.


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