Adams County Pet Rescue/courtesy photo Winston Estrada is the new Othello animal control officer. He works under Adams County Pet Rescue.

OTHELLO — Winston Estrada is hoping to become a familiar face in Othello.


Estrada is the new animal control officer, working under Adams County Pet Rescue (ACPR), which took over those duties from the city about a year and a half ago.


“I thought it was a good idea and would help us be more involved with the animals,” Kyya Grant, ACPR director. “It works out well.”


Grant said Estrada is enthusiastic and community-oriented. He is an Othello native and attended the local schools, so he was definitely ready to take on the role of animal control officer.


“They brought up the position and I said yes, I want it,” Estrada said.


In addition to animal control, ACPR also does licensing for Othello dogs. A pet may be licensed at four months or older. An animal over the age of six months must have a rabies vaccination.


Licensing identifies the dog, which means if it is picked up by animal control, they can return the animal to its home. If your dog is not licensed, the owner will have to take care of that in order to get their dog back.


“If your dog is wearing its license, we can get it back to you,” Grant said.


Owners can save money by licensing their dogs in January. Fees increase after Feb. 1.


Since the first of this year, 48 dogs have been returned to their owners within the city limits. Grant said if a dog is wearing a tag, the owner will be called immediately.


Estrada said he is grateful for the opportunity to work as animal control officer, but that’s not the only task he has at ACPR. Grant said he works in the field for 20 hours each week. He puts in another 20 hours at the facility, helping out and transporting cats to the west side.


Grant is proud of the way Estrada is taking to his job. He has plans to eventually become a police officer.


“He is doing a great job and just wants to help,” Grant said. “He’s got a big job.”


Fortunately, Estrada is up to it.


“He’s not shy,” Grant said. “He’s willing to talk to pet owners.”


In fact, Estrada wants citizens to stop and talk to him.


“Do try to approach me,” he said. “Don’t be shy.”


Be sure to watch for the animal control truck and Estrada at Othello’s Fourth of July parade.


Adams County Pet Rescue is located at 1962 Bench Road near the fairgrounds. Hours are noon to 6 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The facility is closed Mondays and Thursdays.


To contact ACPR, call (509) 488-5514 or email adopt@AdamsCountyPetRescue. Be sure to visit the website at and stop by their Facebook page.


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