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An amazing animal friend is waiting for you!  If the video hasn't convinced you, visit our Petfinder page to view our adoptable animals.


If you find a pet you love, come back and complete the following application.

Visit our FaceBook page to see all the exciting things we are doing.  Additional pets may be found here.

Adoption Deposit Form

Required when sending adoption deposit Email form to: adopt@adamscountypetrescue.com

In the email, let us know how you want to make your paymant.

Once you are accepted as a new pet parent, click the yellow button below to pay for your adoption.  An ACPR staff member will tell you the amount to enter.

Pay adoption fee ONLY after instructed by ACPR Staff.  Applications must be approved before adopting a pet.  We are not based on a first come first served basis but on matching each pet and each family with the right companion.

Use this button to pay for an adoption.

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