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The History of Adams County Pet Rescue

  1. Pet Rescue operates as a 501c3 nonprofit organization, and is funded by tax deductible donations, grants and two small government contracts to care for the areas animals.
  2. We are a volunteer effort, founded in 1997.
  3. We lost our facility by fire in 2009, but we didn’t stop there.
  4. After the fire, we started operating out of the Othello Animal Pound.
  5. Then in 2015 Adams County provided land to build a new animal facility.
  6. We are currently refurbishing and upgrading the facility and have recently added a new isolation room for sick animals.  Additionally the computer system has been upgraded, as well as installation of commercial grade washer and dryer.
  7. We re-homed over 1,000 dogs and cats in 2017
  8. Here are some of the services we offer:
    1. Shelter and care for all impounded City of Othello and Adams County dogs
    2. Assist Adams County Sheriff’s Dept. in care and housing of animals seized from owners
    3. Place dogs, trained at the Coyote Ridge Correction
    4. Facility, for adoption
    5. Limited emergency medical care for injured dogs
    6. Transportation of our dogs for relocation and adoption
    7. Assist low income residents to allow them to keep their beloved pets in their homes
    8. Discounts for spay/neuter
    9. Low cost vaccination clinics
    10. Post lost pets on our Facebook page
  9. The dedicated individuals that care for the shelter animals, share a love for all creatures and a desire to help. They take in all of Othello's strays along with abandoned, neglected, and abused dogs, cats, and horses throughout the county. They rehabilitate them as best they can and place them in loving, caring environments.

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We Don't Euthanize Adoptable Animals

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